A memorial, 1825

Laura Geddes Baldwin was the older sister of George Geddes. She died on October 18, 1825 at the age of 21, not long after her wedding to Harvey Baldwin, and just one week before the Grand Celebration of the opening of the Erie Canal, which her father James helped to engineer.

The original Geddes family cemetery was located where Fairmount Fair is today, near the brook, and about halfway the distance between Onondaga Road and the east end of the Fairmount Fair complex. The cemetery was said to be situated in a grove of pine trees. (This portion of the Geddes property was later acquired by the Terry family.)

Along with other members of the extended Geddes family, she was re-interred at Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse at some time before 1900. Her headstone is now at the Geddes family plot in Oakwood. (It partially quotes “Weep Not For Those” by Thomas Moore.)

In less than one revolving year, she was a maid, a bride, a corpse; Adorned with every grace, and possessing every personal charm and mental excellence.

“In her springtime she flew to that land where the wings of the soul are unfurled;
And now, like a star, beyond evening’s cold dew, looks radiantly down on the tears of this world.”

This monument was erected to her memory by her husband, whom she loved.

[Photo credit: SarniaKid]