Street layout, 1943

A 1943 Land Use Analysis map of the greater Syracuse area, including Fairmount, shows the growth of Old Fairmount west of Germania Avenue (the edge of the original 1892 tract); the street layout of lower Fairmount Hills (in 1943, yet to be developed with houses); the location of the quarry pits where the 695 bypass would eventually be built; and the State School (rather unfortunately here titled “School for Mental Defectives”).

Of interest in lower Fairmount Hills is the existence of a short lost street (running north-south) which originally divided the western part of Inwood Drive. This cut-through had disappeared by the 1950s.

Another point of interest is the existence of a roadway opposite Chapel Drive, on the eastern side of Onondaga Road, which implies that the one-way access road to Fairmount Fair could have predated the development of the mall.

[Source: Syracuse and the abandonment of the Erie Canal]


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