Street layout, 1943

A 1943 Land Use Analysis map (click image for full size) of the greater Syracuse area, including Fairmount, shows the growth of Old Fairmount west of Germania Avenue (the edge of the original 1892 tract); the street layout of lower Fairmount Hills (in 1943, yet to be developed with houses); the location of the quarry pits where the 695 bypass would eventually be built; and the State School (rather unfortunately here titled “School for Mental Defectives”).

Of interest in lower Fairmount Hills is the existence of a short lost street (running north-south) which originally divided the western part of Inwood Drive. This cut-through had disappeared by the 1950s.

Another point of interest is the residential road layout in Fairmount Fair, for suburbs that were never built before the land was re-zoned for business in 1955 to accommodate the new mall.

[Source: Syracuse and the abandonment of the Erie Canal]


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