An ideal home site, 1892


Free excursion, Monday October 24th. Leaving the New York Central station by the Auburn branch at 2 p.m. for Fairmount… Greater independence and wider possibilities for the bread winners of Syracuse. An ideal home site, 17 minutes out by railroad on the Auburn branch of the Central and subdivided into 800 choice building lots. It is only 15 minutes walk from the present terminus of the Electric street car line and the Solvay Process Works, which later, we are informed when completed will employ more than 3,000 men. At present we have a station, Post office, Telegraph office, Blacksmith and Repair shop, school, and thickly settled community composed of many of the oldest families of the County.

The first new resident to build a home worth more than $1000 would receive a prize of two hundred dollars in gold. A year’s worth of free transportation would furthermore be offered to all families living in the new subdivision by July 1 of the following year.

The Panic of 1893 caused the U.S. unemployment rate to explode to nearly 20% in some places, and building lots in the Fairmount subdivision — today known as Old Fairmount — would not be fully occupied until the 1950s.  Many of the original small building lots were combined into larger ones.

[Sources: The Syracuse Standard, October 22, 1892; “Fairmount Subdivision Celebrates 100 Years,” The Marcellus Observer, October 28, 1992.]


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