Andy’s Inn, 1956


Sources: Central New York Genealogy and History; Vincent Falcone; Syracuse Post-Standard, October 5, 1956

Andy’s Inn was a nightclub and restaurant located at the corner of Mackay Avenue and West Genesee Street (currently occupied by former HSBC drive-in), active from 1929 to at least 1959.  This club later became known as the Coda during the 1960s.

One of Fairmount’s pioneer businesses, now in its 27th year, is Andy’s Inn at 4500 W. Genesee St. It is renowned throughout Central New York as this area’s oldest successfully operated night club. Andy Dattellas, who owns and personally operates this popular night spot has a unique business background. From boyhood to the age of 36 he served as a professional barber. Many will remember the enthusiastic following he developed while working in prominent barbershops in downtown Syracuse. In 1920 Andy opened his own Town Hall Barber Shop in Solvay. Having achieved distinction in one field did not fulfill a throbbing adventurous spirit that was sweeping him on to even greater heights. In 1929 he opened Andy’s Inn as a restaurant. Later in 1935 he brought in a band with one performer on Saturday nights. Meeting with widespread acclaim he gradually developed Andy’s Inn to a full fledged night club known for its finer floor shows, equally famous for its exceptional food… It is the warm friendly atmosphere that makes Andy’s Inn the perfect place to celebrate an anniversary or birthday party. Staging two shows nightly and three on Saturday, Andy’s Inn features the exclusive sliding W stage that fairly brings the sparkling entertainment right down to your table. This attractive building with its twin gables has been a familiar landmark in Fairmount since the late 20’s. There is plenty of convenient parking space.


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